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Put a sock in it- Complain less

Put a sock in it- Complain less

People love to complain, especially some of my Facebook friends love it way too much and it doesn’t matter what it is about. I have to say it has grown a little too tiring and trite for me. We have become a society way too quick to complain about everything and anything which is not healthy.
But why do we complain so much? We complain about the weather, about traffic, about tight clothing, we complain about our jobs, we complain about nosy neighbours, nosy landlords, ungrateful family members, about food and the list goes on.
We all complain, and most of the times we complaining without actually realizing it. Even the ones that will argue that they are the happiest people on earth still complain sometimes. Yes, there are days where things are not going well and complaining is the easiest thing to do,because it seems easier to complain about things instead of fixing them, like quitting your job or quitting alcohol.
Most people complain because its a great conversation starter, it connects us to other complainers who are in the same boat. Some people complain on a consistent basis and don’t realize how often they complain because it become a habit, and they constantly look for things around them to complain about. Complaining also keeps people from taking action, because it much easier to complain than to work on achieving your goals and stop procrastinating.
Another reason people complain so much is to avoid responsibility. They always have an excuse for everything, “ I’m always broke, why cant I find a man, I’m cursed, I need a better job, I’m busy. Life is hard.” Complainers reasons for their circumstances are endless, their circumstances are always unfortunate and beyond their control. They trap themselves in a negative reality. This type of thinking strategy needs a serious update.
Life will never be, never was and never is perfect or easy. What most people do not realize is that complaining never results in joy and happiness, it spreads negativity , does not change the circumstances and its unattractive. Spending time around someone who is constantly complaining, always highlighting the negatives about their lives, its very drained, because nothing you say seems to cheer them up.
How do we overcome the habits of complaining? To stop complaining is easier said than done, but it definitely starts with being grateful and mindful of others.
Don’t seek to impress others with your complaints, you do not need to validate your importance and worth to others. By changing our ungrateful nature, and learning to be grateful in every moment, being grateful to be alive, to be happy, well and so-forth. By replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts, but allow yourself to vent once in a while. If you are going through a difficult time do not be afraid to share your feelings with a close friend or family but not on Facebook.
Try being less judgmental, once you stop judging people you will more likely stop complaining about what others are doing. If there are things bothering you instead of venting about it try fixing it or accept that there is nothing you can do about it instead of complaining about it.
The aim is to stop complaining less and acknowledging the fact that complaining gets you nowhere. Be grateful, mindful and ask yourself before you open your mouth would you rather complain or be happy?

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