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“They fall as they go and they rise again”

“They fall as they go and they rise again”

Tschuku Tschuku presents the train that will lead you to freedom station.

Struggle and love do not always go together but the inherent relationship can not be denied. Capturing the essence of both is a new record, to be released next week, bringing a tantalising fresh take of what freedom means.

The Tschuku Tschuku will present their new record ‘Trance !Namib Freedom Station’ on Friday 04 August 2017 at the Franco Namibian Cultural Centre at the official launch.

The event starts at 20:00 and tickets are available at FNCC for N$80 in advance and N$100 at the door.

The new album is a collection of struggle and love songs performed over the past four years, under the songwriting and vocal direction of Nashilongweshipwe Mushaandja. The Tschuku record presents an activist aesthetic in its visuality and performativity.

The album’s sound speaks of a timeless African collective consciousness of migration and fragmented cultural selves. The songs resonate at the intersection of resistance jazz, urban jive, Shambo, folk, vocal, suggesting an Afro-Chant movement.

The songs comprising the new record are performed by a rich pool of African artists such as Nesindano Namises, Sam Batola, Kgafela le Marabele, Sebastian Vries, Chris Eiseb, Tendai Dendera, Nyasha Kirsten, Ponti Dikua and Nambowa Malua.

A striking lyric from one of the songs, goes like this: “They stand up and fall again. Like Jabu’s dance of the ancients. Hominids of the soil are mobile beings. Following the sun in the footsteps of an extinct wild creature. In search of the right path, they fall as they go and they rise again…”



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