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Nam24 recovers in record time

Manager of Nam24 breakdown services, Stuart Eksteen.

Manager of Nam24 breakdown services, Stuart Eksteen.

Namibia 24 hours Road Assistance and Breakdown Services (Nam24) situated in Lafrenz Industrial Area in Windhoek offers breakdown and towing services.
Taken over by Samuel Eksteen as the Sole Member on 18 March 2005, the company focuses on personalised service to its customers by offering rapid, and convenient breakdown and towing services. Additionally the company offers a courtesy car in case of need and plans to extend this initiative.
Nam24 faces at least two breakdown and towing competitors in the local area. They compete by focusing on convenience and offers a high level of customer service, which includes the courtesy vehicles, which are not offered currently by the other competitors.
Their competitive edge is the heavy focus on customer convenience by offering unlimited courtesy service, rapid turnaround on breakdown and towing service and a referral network of a few local insurance and other service companies as well as auto repair services.
Nam24 hopes to focus its sales strategy on effectively reaching the target customer segment of upper and middle class customers. For this purpose, the company hopes to increase its resource base. At the same time, the company wants to further strengthen its relationships with the local insurance companies, the banks and other service companies.
Aside from breakdown and towing services, Nam24 is involved in delivering a courtesy service in need. The company estimates that about 80% of revenues will come from the established local clientèle and 20% from tow-ins outside Windhoek.
The company successfully achieved their short term objectives (within the past five years) to increase footprints and to expand its fleet. Its long term objective is amongst others, to increase the level of current business and to build and maintain customer loyalty.
The company has a fleet consisting of light, medium and heavy breakdown vehicles and is equipped with the latest required tow-in wheel-lift equipment, which could safe any insurance company money on “unexpected after accident damaged” costs.
Nam24 has established relationships with a few major auto repair and insurance companies as well as the banking industry for referral business.
Nam24’s Managing Member, Stuart Eksteen, has more than fifteen years experience in sales, marketing and management with collection and repossessing of vehicles; breakdown and towing services. He also was a traffic officer and an underwriter for insurance companies.
The breakdown and towing market has a lot of potential in that the competition is weak in the sense that there are only a few players in the market.
Nam24 has a focus on meeting the demand of a regular local resident customer base, as well as towed vehicle drop-ins from outside Windhoek.
Nam24 aims to offer a hassle-free breakdown and tow-in service, by doing it faster than the competition and by being visible all over town and immediately accessible.

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