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Bata Industrials: Improving working lives

Bata Industrials: Improving working lives

Bata Industrials, a specialised division of the world’s largest shoe manufacturer, is all about technology and innovation in providing optimum safety, health, comfort and durability for the wearer without compromising comfort.

To that end, Bata South Africa have introduced two new product lines to an already extensive and impressive Bata Industrials range: The Helix Longreach Wheat Zip S3 and Jobber Gumboots.


Helix safety work boots have it all. They are lightweight, durable, stylish and provide the highest standard of comfort in the toughest of working conditions. They feature an advanced cushioning system for the best possible shock absorption. The Helix range achieves the best possible suspension to maximize the reduction of fatigue and stress of the feet and joints.

Shoe Features:

• Toe grip zone: For maximum adhesion.

• Forefoot flex zone: Increases flexibility and reduces fatigue.

• Slip resistant outsole: Enhanced multi directional design.

• Larger profile channels: For enhanced liquid dispersal.

• Ladder/step grip: For added adhesion.

• Heel grip zone: For the best possible grip.

• Heel flex zone: Increases flexibility and reduces fatigue.

• Durable rubber outsole: Heat resistant to 300° C.


• Heavy industry

• Security

• Construction

• Petrochemical

• Agriculture


Unlike the heavy-duty gumboots, the general-purpose gumboots are simply used as a water-resistant protection. They have anti slip features for the particularly wet conditions workers are subjected to. Some are however used in highly disinfected environments such as kitchen or laboratories, so are able to withstand, oil, solvent, blood and fat spills.

Shoe Features:

• Anti-slip

• Water resistant

• Sole: PVC

• Colour: Black

• Safety Category: NST


• Agriculture

• Car washes

• General purpose wet environment

• Light construction

Although the headquarters for Bata Industrials is in the Netherlands, Bata Industrials Footwear is also produced in South Africa at the KwaZulu Natal Loskop factory. The factory employs over 700 people and produces 1200 pairs of safety shoes per day. The laboratory situated at the factory conducts continuous tests on the footwear to ensure the highest quality levels. Bata Industrials are approved by the SABS, the Podiatry Association of South Africa, as they carry the CE Marking.

Let Bata Industrials improve your working life. Visit to view the extensive range of safety footwear.

Should you have any further queries or if you would like to place an order, kindly call 031 701 4951 or email Derek Yegambaram on [email protected].


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