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Logistics to contribute to national development

The Polytechnic of Namibia through its Namibian – German Centre for Logistics and the Walvis Bay Corridor Group will host the 4th annual Logistics and Transport workshop in Walvis Bay from 25 to 28 September under the theme “Logistics: a key catalyst for development in Southern Africa”.
According to workshop co-ordinator, Neville Mbai, the idea of Namibia serving as a logistics hub is not something that will only receive attention under the NDP 4 period. It is a key development concept that has been receiving government and industry attention for some time and its importance is set to grow in future as broader economic development is requiring enhanced and improved logistics.
“All we want to do for the next five years is to prioritise it to ensure that we put the right foundations in place to build these critical sectors. It is for that reason that we have themed this year’s annual event as Logistics: a key catalyst for development in South Africa,” he said.
He said Namibia has an opportunity to develop into a logistics hub for a number of reasons. The importance of logistics, transport and the broader supply chain management to the development of Namibia and the southern African region has been highlighted significantly by the current global economic environment.
“The increased interest in Africa as a trading partner due to slow growth in other part of the world provides an opportunity for Africa and southern Africa in particular, to leverage economic growth by developing such strategic functions as improved logistics.
Africa is expected to be the fastest growing region after Asia. In addition a number of landlocked countries surrounding Namibia are expected to take off in terms of their economic growth,” he added.
The main objectives of the logistics sector are to contribute to national development through the provision of logistics and transport services. Its significance extends beyond Namibia and into the SADC region because an integrated regional logistics and transport system is essential, particularly in facilitating trade with landlocked states.
This year’s workshop promise to be full of potential and positive results with around 100 delegates from South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, the United Kingdom, Holland, Germany and the Chech Republic expected to attend.

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