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UNAM law students sit in on Supreme Court session

UNAM law students sit in on Supreme Court session

A large group of law students from the University of Namibia last week had the privilege of sitting in on a case before the Supreme Court.

The students, mostly first year LLB undergraduates, met the Chief Justice of Namibia, Hon Justice Peter Shivute. A staff member took them on a brief tour of the courts and the apparatus behind the courts which make the administration of law possible.

Hon Justice Shivute encouraged the students to work hard, emphasising the importance of ethical conduct under all circumstances by lawyers and by students of law.

The students experienced the inner workings of the Supreme Court as they attended a court session and observed Senior Counsel arguing a case.

After the visit, the Office of the Judiciary expressed its gratitude to the students and their leaders for taking the initiative to give first year students a taste of the real action in law.

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