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Puma Energy committed to promote a culture of safer road behaviour

Puma Energy committed to promote a culture of safer road behaviour

Puma Energy Namibia held a road safety event at Orban Primary School to hand over road warning signs, equipment, and attire to the school patrol squad on 12 June.

General Manager of Puma Energy Namibia, Adell Samuelson in a statement said they wish to lay the foundation for a lifetime of safe and responsible road use, teaching primary learners at an early stage.

“It is crucial for the country and the economy to develop road safety knowledge, skills, good habits, contribution to reducing accidents and injuries and empowering children by educating them about road safety and fostering community awareness,” she added.

Samuelson noted that they plan to extend their road safety events to more primary schools shortly, thereby intensifying their road safety impact.

Puma Energy Namibia said by teaching the essentials of road safety to primary school learners they will be equipped with the most important knowledge and skills to adopt the responsible behavior of safeguarding themselves and other road users.

“About 250 learners between Grades 1 and 3 were informed about the necessities of road safety and they took part in a quiz and dances with a road safety theme and prizes which were handed over by Puma Energy mascot, Paco were awarded to the winners,” he said.

Statistics show that too many persons die on the roads unnecessarily and in many cases due to bad and unsafe road behavior.

According to the MVA Fund, a total of 2874 road accidents were recorded between 1 January to 11 December last year, which caused 423 deaths and 4 868 injuries. During the festive season at the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023, 54 people died in road accidents and 633 were injured.

Puma Energy contributes to the National Road Safety Campaign during the major holidays by providing safety messages and sponsoring fuel to the Namibian Police doing duty at roadblocks on the national roads.

Country Retail Manager of Puma Energy Namibia, Charlene Oosthuizen handing over school patrol equipment, signs, and attire to the Principal of Orban Primary School, Jan Cloete, and Departmental Head, Salome Januarie (far right) with the proud school patrol witnessing the event.


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