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40.4% full-time Grade 12 candidates made the mark for university

40.4%  full-time Grade 12 candidates made the mark for university

The Minister of Education, Arts and Culture, Hon Katrina Hanse-Himarwa announced that based on the minimum of Grade D at NSSC Ordinary Level and a Grade 4 at NSSC Higher Level, 9524 (40.4%) out of 23,594 full-time candidates qualify for admission in 2019 for degree courses.

This is an improvement when compared to the 8632 (39.3%) full-time candidates who qualified for admission in 2017. Furthermore, 37.8% of the candidates obtained between an E and an F grade in English and may qualify for admission for Diploma and Certificate courses at other institutions of higher learning.

For the year 2018, a total of 56,534 full-time and part-time candidates were registered for the examination compared to the 56,305 in 2017.

According to the ministry, NSSC Ordinary Level results of the part-time candidates show a remarkable improvement throughout all the grades, with candidates improving in the intermediate grades with more than 5% and at the higher grades with an average of 0.8%. The ungraded part-percentage dropped by 1.5% from 2017 to 2018.

The picture that I see is encouraging and highly appreciated therefore it gives me immense pleasure and [it is an] honour to congratulate all the candidates who devoted their time to their studies and achieved the results that are about to be released. I would also like to remind the candidates that could not perform according to their expectations, that all is not lost. Pick yourself up, improve your results through available institutions and work harder next time,” Hanse-Himarwa said at a press conference on Thursday, 10 January.

The NSSC Ordinary Level results have been dispatched to Regional Education Directorates for their simultaneous release at 08:00 on Friday, 11 January in all 14 regions. Schools will then provide candidates with their individual Statements of Results and Directorates of Education, Arts and Culture will display, or have the results available in broadsheet format, at their various offices in their regions.

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