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Football Association opens transfer window for DebMarine Cup

Football Association opens transfer window for DebMarine Cup

With the local football season due to commence with the 2017 DebMarine Namibia Cup next month, the Namibia Football Association (NFA) will open the players’ registration, transfers and loans period on Monday 23 January.

The NFA congress held on 3 December 2016 in Walvis Bay resolved that the local football calendar moves from February to November unlike in the past when it was from August to May and hence, NFA Sectary general Barry Rukoro has announced the opening of the first players’ registration period.

It is something monumental since it will a first for us to have a calendar that starts in February to November and now we call upon clubs and players to fully participate in this first registration process. We have the DebMarine Namibia Cup coming up and we need to have these players in and registered before we kickoff,” explained Rukoro.

He added that players’ licenses needs to be endorsed by the NFA before any league matches kickoff and for the eliminations rounds of the DebMarine Namibia Cup.

The DebMarine Namibia Cup elimination rounds will contested on 11, 12, 18, 19 and 25 February, with action taking place in all 14 regional second divisions as well as the three first divisions.

The draw for the DebMarine Namibia Cup Last-32 Round will be conducted on 15 February as the Namibia Premier League clubs joins the fray in the quest for glory.

Each club from the round of 32 will receive N$18,000 all the way to the final for preparations while the overall winners will walk away with N$500,000.

For registration indigenous players will need a completed players’ registration and contract information forms; a signed contract between player and club; two recent passport photos; clearance or loan agreement from previous club; International Transfer Certificate if the player played abroad as well as a copy of a full birth certificate if the player is under-18 years. Foreign players will in addition to the above need a work permit or visa.

Meanwhile, Rukoro said the first players’ registration, loan and transfer period will close on 13 April.

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