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Flemming wins Pointbreak Open water

We are the champions: Centre Nicoli Flemming, right Jorn Diekann and on the left Carl Hein Visser

Over 220 swimmers participated in the annual Pointbreak Open Water Swim that took place at Lake Oanob Resort near Rehoboth last week Sunday. Rainy weather was forecasted but participants and spectators enjoyed a sunny day under clear skies.

OTB Sport, the event organisers said, “we are pleased with the high turn out and increased numbers.  Nikolai Flemming was a deserving winner although we would have liked to have seen more of the club swimmers participating, so that we would have had more youngsters in the top 10.”
Nikolai Flemming won the 2.1km event in a time of 30:44.  Nikolai lead the race while Jorn Diekmann finished second overall in 31:10.  Third overall, and winner of the Masters age Category, was Paddy Murphy in 32:55.
Paddy and Mathew Reinhold struggled it out with Mathew leading most of the way but the years of experience in open water swimming allowed Paddy to time his attack quite perfectly to beat Mathew to the finish line.
Cheryl Young came first among the women in the 2.1km event in a time of 35:56.  She was also the winner of the Master age category. Second overall female and winner of the Veteran Age category was Zoe Mitchell in 37:50. Third overall female and winner of the U30 age category, was Nastassja Payne in 40:08.  Tiana Esslinger won the 15 and U female age category in 40:33.  Matthias Lichtenberg won the 15 and U male category in 35:01.  Matthew Reinhold was winner of the Senior Male age category in 32:59.
Corne Le Roux conquered the 700m.  He was first out the water and winner of the Male 15 and U in a time of 11:27. Vicky Botha, who won the female 15 and U, closely followed Corne. Vicky was the second fastest overall swimmer in a time of 11:31. The elite (under 30) Male was won by Macquelin Winkler in 11:39. Kiah Borg won the elite female in 13:15. Daryl Oehley won the senior (over 30) male in 13:04.  The senior (over 30) female was won by Anne- Marie White in 13:34. Paralympic swimmer, Gideon Nasolowskia, participated for his third consecutive year in the 2.1km event. Caitlin Botha, who was born with Cerebral Palsy, competed in the 700m event for the second consecutive year. OTB Sport, event organisers thanked Pointbreak for their six consecutive years of sponsorship. Pointbreak said they were pleased to once again be part of the event and said, “It remains a privilege for Pointbreak to be involved with this prestigious long-distance swimming event, which this year attracted more than 200 swimmers of all ages. We want to compliment OTB for another well organised and safe event. This event encapsulates various aspects of the Pointbreak brand, such as the balancing of an adventurous and fun approach to life, the application of skill, perfect timing and a thorough understanding of and appreciation for the environment in which we operate.”

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