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Solar lights for evening studies

Solar lights for evening studies

Learners at schools in informal settlements are often restricted to study only while the sun is up because their homes do not have electricity. This prevents them from studying during the evening.
Realising the predicament of not having a lamp, Namib Mills started in last year to supply solar power lamps to its employees and their children. This project was expanded to school in informal settlement. In 2015, Namib Mills donated 270 Edu-Lights to the learners at Immanuel Shifidi Secondary School as part of a pilot project. Earlier this month, they extended the project to Tobias Hainyeko project school in Windhoek’s Babylon quarter with another 210 learners each receiving his or her own solar powered Edu-Light.
In a statement released a the ceremony where the children received their lamps, Namib Mills said “The company is proud to have extended this Edu-Light initiative to their employees allowing them and their children to benefit from these portable solar lamps.” The Edu-Light project provides solar lamps to learners and students living in informal settlements and rural areas that do not have access to electricity and use paraffin and candles for studying. The miller said it highly values its employees and takes pride in creating a work environment where people are appreciated, engaged, productive and thriving. management. To date, Namib Mills has supplied more than 600 solar powered lamps to its employees and their children.

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