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Rundu school gets own hall

The Development Bank of Namibia announced this week it has donated N$50,000 for the construction of a school hall at Romanus Kamunoko Secondary School in Rundu. The school currently has to rent larger premises when its learners write exams.
Talking at the handover, the Development Bank’s Chief Executive, Martin Inkumbi said that he and many of his colleagues attended schools with limited facilities.
However with the determination to learn, they were able to rise to the challenge of learning, and improve their prospects in life. Addressing the learners, Inkumbi said that the outcome of diligent study would lead to a higher quality of life in adulthood. He told the learners that although they should set aside some time for relaxation, they should place a high degree of emphasis on their studies.
He added that learning was a partnership between the parent, the teacher and the learner, and that all three should be actively engaged in the education of the learner. “Parents and caretakers should take an active interest in the progress of learners, and endeavour to assist if learners fall behind” he advised. Inkumbi concluded by saying that he hoped that some of the learners would join the Development Bank as valued, knowledgeable employees.
In addition to finance for private tertiary, secondary and primary educational institutions, the bank provides support for public schools through its social responsibility programmes. So far the bank has helped with the upgrading of a school hostel and the rehabilitation of a school damaged by flooding.

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