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Anti-drug campaign for a sober Tsumeb

Sakkie Shangula (right), the Superintendent for Employee Relations at Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb, guiding employees on drug awareness.

Trying the curb the bane of drug addiction and the impact it has on society and on companies, Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb conducted a month-long drug awareness campaign for all employees and contractors. The campaign formed part of its wellness programme and came to conclusion last week.

Dundee’s Health and Wellness Specialist, Lucia Sheehama said “The main purpose of the campaign was to re-introduce the alcohol and drug policy to employees. The campaign covered the negative impact drugs have on the human body and how obsessive drug use can have dire consequence. Consequently, rehabilitation forms an important part of the campaign.
A Dundee employee who chose to remain anonymous, admitted in a session he has been using drugs for 20 years, having started at age six with dagga and then progressing to Mandrax.
He decided to quit when his 6 year old son told him that he was aware of his habit. The realization came after they had won some money in a snooker game and his son asked him whether he was going to use the money to buy food or to buy the ‘things’ that he smokes at home. “It broke my heart to realize that my six-year old son was aware of my habit and that we had no food in the house because I used all the money to feed my addiction” he confessed.
Warrant Officer Victor Mbonabi from the Namibian Police, Tsumeb said, “Illicit drug use is a continued concern in Tsumeb and Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb employees are forming a big part of the Tsumeb community. The drug awareness campaign will make a huge difference and assist the Namibian Police to fight this problem.”

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