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Junior cricket festival launched

CEO of Momentum, Etienne Brits and Marsia Reed Development Manager of Cricket Namibia. (Photograph contributed)

CEO of Momentum, Etienne Brits and Marsia Reed Development Manager of Cricket Namibia. (Photograph contributed)

Momentum is supporting this year’s Momentum Youth Cricket festival with a donation of N$67 000. This year’s festival will be held in the capital with games starting on 22 June until August.
CEO of Momentum, Etienne Brits said that his company is proud to sponsor the cricket festival for the second time in a row. He said Namibia was last year awarded the Best Junior Cricket Participation Initiative by the Africa Cricket Association for specifically developing the U/11 cricket players.
“We know that this is made possible by creating more playing opportunities and exposure to game situations through tournaments like the Momentum Youth Cricket Festival and we are thus extremely proud to play a part in the success story of Cricket Namibia.”
According to the organisers, this year’s competition will be more exciting as the festival will embrace a new concept that will introduce four teams that will form a contingent competing as a unit throughout the festival. The festival will be presented in the format of a mini World Cup where the blue team will be representing India, the yellow team Australia, the red team England and the green team South Africa.
The development manager of Cricket Namibia, Marsia Reed said that they recognise that today’s youth cricket players are the future senior players who will play in the next Cricket World Cup.  
“We would thus like to develop this talent to its fullest capacity  We also know that most of our cricket players are lost to other activities at this age and urgent attention is required in creating sufficient opportunities to enhance the interest in the game.”
A total of 44 matches will be played and the festival will accommodate 168 cricket players from all four age groups of  U/11, U/13, U/15 and U/19 cricket players.

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