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Enjoy Christmas in July at Omba

Enjoy Christmas in July at Omba

Venue: Omba Gallery
Date: 22 July 2016
Time: 18:30
Entry: Free

Omba Gallery will be hosting the fifth ‘Christmas in July’ exhibition- with the theme, The Reunion of the Big Five on 22 July 2016 at 18:30 and will run until 31 August 2016 at Omba Gallery, Namibia Craft Centre number 40 Tal Street. The ‘Reunion of the Big Five’ is a play on two subjects close to the heart of the designers and artists hosting the exhibition.
Mildred von Lüttwitz the exhibition curator said that they have created an original line of interior decorations as well as handmade toys and Christmas ornaments. “We are introducing new colour combinations and patterns for this years theme, because we want to surprise and capture the local residents as well as the tourist,” added von Lüttwitz. Von Lüttwitz further explained that they will be incorporating a range of wall hangings, bedspreads, tablecloth, cushion covers and bags together with the Christmas items.
The five prominent global artist who will showcase their work at ‘the big five are’, Gustav Klimt, Friedrich Hundertwasser, Sophie Täuber Arp, Niki de Saint Phalle and John Muafangeo. Klimt who is an Austrian born symbolist painter and is famous for his painting of the ‘golden age’, Hundertwasser is an opponent of ‘straight line’ and any regularization, Tauber-Arp, considered one of the most important artist of concrete art and geometric abstraction of the 20th century, De Saint Phalle was a French sculptor, painter and filmmaker while Muafangeo was a Namibian artist who become internationally known as a maker of woodcut prints and was a magnificent creator of lino-cuts woodcuts and etchings.
The I’khoba artists together with Mildred von Lüttwitz and Heidi-Marie Lacheiner-Kuhn, have created a this event with the big five in mind using recycling goods. The I’khoba team looks forward to be welcoming all to the Omba Gallery in the Namibia Craft Centre to view the exhibition, a merger of familiar images of the big five with designs inspired by world renowned artists; a collection of intricately designed, handmade items for Christmas décor or simply gifted ideas and to enjoy home made Christmas hospitality, including ‘gluwein’ and ‘stollen’.

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