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Magic Mike XXL – Film Review

You know that feeling of disappoinment when you are really waiting for something great to happen and then it never does. It is as if your world will never ever be the same again, right?

Well the world of striptease will never be the same again after the second installment of the oiled-up, slicker-than-your-average waist grinders, ‘Magic Mike’. Yes ladies and gentlemen, those semi-clad hunks are back again. This time they have lost more than just their clothes, they have completely lost the plot in ‘Magic Mike XXL’.
The sequel picks up on the story of Mike (Channing Tatum), now a businessman owing a furniture shop in Tampa which seems to be bringing more misfortune than fortune. One evening while working in his workshop he falls back on to the strip tease train after listening to Ginuwine’s Pony. He falls deeper when he gets a call from his old dance mate, Tarzan ( Kevin Nash) reconnecting him with the rest of the strip gang, Ken (Matt Bomer), Big Dick Ricky (Joe Manganiello), Tobias (Gabriel Iglesias) and Tito (Adam Rodriguez). Together they set off to a striptease convention in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for one dance show as a team.
For the first part of the film and in most parts where there is little or no dancing, there is a lack of vibrancy from the actors. It is as if they are zombies walking around the set sluggishly until someone plays a song or a woman throws money at them. There is no oomph from the characters except for their perfectly chiseled bodies and they struggle to connect with one another convincingly. This is a bucket of cold water in the face since the film is premised on the idea of brotherhood, supposedly guys putting aside all their personal issues so that they can do something they love.
What ‘Magic Mike XXL’ lacks in humour, chemistry between the characters, and tension even in parts when they are supposed to be angry at each other, is compensated by the film’s soundtrack as well as the dance moves.
If watching men in thongs or winding their waists and gyrating in the air, is your thing then this is a must-watch for you, just remember to stock up on lots of soda because things will get so steamy in the cine you will be either thirstily sipping on your soda or be engulfed by showers of popcorn.
As much as the dialogue sucks, there is something in it for some people especially the ladies because the actors’ abs are more defined, the dance moves more sensual and the scenes breath taking. With appearances from hunky dancer ‘Switch’, actor and rapper Childish Gambino as well as Jada Pinkett-Smith who plays Rome, a lady from Mike’s past, the gang is able to get in shape just in time for the convention.
To those of you wanting to know what it feels like to have someone shake his penis in your face whilst in mid-air, then I can guarantee that you will thoroughly enjoy this film, so much it will get you all hot and bothered. But to those looking for depth, meaning and a connection or something you can relate to, rather walk in a different direction or to a different cine because this will traumatize you more than it will excite you.

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