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25 Years of art

25 Years of art

The Franco Namibian Cultural Centre (FNCC) will present a travel through time and space, which symbolizes 25 years of art exhibition on 25 July until 12 August at FNCC. They will be showcasing 25 years of supporting and exhibiting local talents and giving them a platform to express and convey their passion on the wall of the FNCC gallery.
For the FNCC this will be the time to show a special collective exhibition, showcasing selected artworks by local artists who have previously brought to light their pieces of work to the public at FNCC.
The audience will be able to reminisce with artist such as, Yasiel Palomino, a Cuban artist who has made quite a wave on the Namibian artistic landscape, Joe Madisia, who is a veteran Namibian artist who specializes in printmaking, sculpture and mixed media, Kerstin Cowley, who is a sculptor and Lecturer, Alpheus Mvula, who is a Namibia sculptor who sees stones as a creative art work that can be used to tell the history of Namibia, Djunior Svane, who is a photographer from Denmark, who has become active as a photography lecturer, and Christian Goltz., who is a photographer that is passionate about outdoor photography. By reflecting on this milestone the FNCC also hope to encourage upcoming artist to work hard to create masterpieces and leave a lasting footprints with their art work.
To the 25th anniversary month to a close, Kenotjie’s Trendy Fashions will also present its very first Boutique launch, where clothing lines and models will showcase the clothes on the runway. They will be accompanied by a DJ and dancers and SheGlows will be performing songs to get you in the mood, while guests will have the opportunity to purchase items.

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