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Inspired by life

Winner of the Best Newcomer Director Award, in the Namibia Theatre and Film Awards 2014, Zindri Swartz, worked hard to get were he is and plans to achieve even more.

Writer and director of the Best Newcomer Director Award, Namibian Theatre and Film Awards, 2014, for ‘Prime Colours’, Zindri Swartz has a bright future ahead of him. Swartz won the award on his first production on the national stage.

Prime Colours is the first multi-media production staged in Namibia and also the first to focus on the homosexual aspect of life. Swartz was born in Mariental 22 years ago and studied drama at the University of Namibia. He has overcome many obstacles but he still regards his work as the most important achievement of them all. Swartz said that he also judged a television drama show that ran on NBC in February until May and he has created drama sketches for the Namibian Police’s Dream Big campaign earlier this year. At the age of 22 Swartz has done over 20 different theatre productions this year and directing and winning an award for it is a triumphant feather in his cap. “Winning the award was a dream come true and I did not think it would be possible with my very first production and I am honoured. The award holds so much meaning for my work and in its way, plays a key role in many of my future endeavours. It came at the right time” he stated. He plans to re-stage Prime Colours within the new year and then work on his new play, Manifestations of the Heart, that will also debut in 2015.  Swartz added that he and two close friends, started Hydra Productions, a theatre company which they started officially this year and that they are very successful in obtaining and staging productions for corporate clients. “We aim to broaden our horizons in 2015 even further. I will always love theatre and as a theatremaker, that would be my first responsibility always as far as the future is concerned.” Swartz is inspired by life in general, the fauna and flora of everyday existence, the emotions that are felt and territories unexplored. “The cup of life is filled with many flavours, some known and others unknown and these serve as inspiration,” he concluded.

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