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Mudge launches autobiography book

Friends and family gathered together to witness the launch of the autobiography Dirk Mudge- All the way to an independent Namibia on 29 June. Organised by Namibia Book Market together with Protea Book House, the launch was graced with the presents of Madame Monica Geingos, First Lady of Namibia who is a close friend of the author and Dirk Mudge.
Mudge said the fight he fought was not against other races but for the independence of Namibia against segregation and apartheid. “When I walk down the streets today and the sight I see makes me very happy, seeing people of all races living together and young people coming up to me to great me and thank me for the contribution I made for this countries independence, I would not live in any other country.” Mudge said: “All might not be well in Namibia, but compared to other African countries we are in a good place and positivity will always be the key.”
Friends and family, including Honourable Niilo Taapopi, Minister of Parliament and Dr Joseph Diescho, political analyst sung the praises of Mudge and recalled the journey they took towards Namibia’s independence and the bond, friendship and respect they have for him.
Mudge was also personally involved in the drawing up of the new constitution of the Republic of Namibia and tries to give answers to questions about why it took Namibia so long to reach independence and he also explains the role South Africa and the international community played in this major event.
After leaving the National Party because he did not agree with their ideologies he established his own party The Republican Party. Mudge was the first leader from the mainstream Afrikaner establishment who realized that he was also an African whose destiny was inextricably linked with that of black Africans, and who made this premise his political platform.

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