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Seven million pay-out to loyal Shield members

Trustco Insurance and Trustco Life, locally based short- and long term insurance companies earlier this week, announced a Nawa bonus pay-out to existing paid up Shield members.
Currently the insurers have 120 000 policy holders covering in excess of 300 000 insured members. Legal Shield, the core product of Trustco Insurance has to date paid out N$160 million in legal fees on behalf of members to legal practitioners.
Recently the insurers streamlined its products with a view to providing tailor made insurance for the public. With the Next Generation Legal Shield as the core product, numerous optional additional benefits can be added. The customer can now cherry pick their ideal product.
“A further innovation is the introduction of a Nawa Bonus on this product, a first for Namibia,” according to Trustco.
“This development caused the insurer to further explore ways to reward existing loyal members. It was decided to reward members who have been fully paid up and claim free for five or more years. These members will qualify for their share of N$7 million,” they added.
Meanwhile, all Shield members are urged to contact their nearest Trustco office to find out if they qualify for the Nawa Bonus and to ensure their details are updated. As from 1 September all Trustco Insurance and Trustco Life policies will automatically include a Nawa Bonus which can be claimed monthly.

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