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Mutjavikua dreams of biscuits and radios

Mutjavikua dreams of biscuits and radios

The Governor of the Erongo Regional Council, Hon. Clemens Mutjavikua recently made the call for residents in his region to think beyond the scope of uranium, emphasising that productivity has to be nurtured in the minds of Namibians.
Speaking at a Namsov fund event, where the Namsov Community Trust handed-over N$500,000 to each of the 14 regions. Mutjavikua encouraged residents to propel the region forward, calling for the manufacturing of biscuits and radios in the Erongo Region.
“There are plans for radio assembling in the Erongo region. We plan to start work with the vocational training facilities. We are also looking at creating our own cooking utensils. These are territories we would like to venture into. We have also thought of biscuits. We will report back next year,” Mutjavikua told a packed hall at the Strand Hotel.
He said confidently, “we need to enter into new territories. We need to enter into new development. We must reciprocate not only uranium but other products as well. It is the only way we can eradicate poverty, nurturing productivity into the minds of Namibians.”
Mutjavikua received a huge portion of funding for community projects on behalf of the Erongo Regional Council last year, a move his colleague, Governor of the !Karas Region said should be emulated by Namdeb, who generated its revenue in the region. “I asked them when I was in Oranjemund last week why there is not a single diamond polishing factory in the south. I also told them that I will require answers soon on the issue,” he said.

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