The Kingdom Cycling Club (KCC) handed over three cheques, worth N$75,000 each, to the Cancer Association of Namibia (CAN), to Ward 8 West and the Quinton-Steel Botes Cancer Trust earlier this week. The Kingdom Cycling Club raised the money at the 24 hour Relay for Cancer Cycling Challenge which took place in April, at Food Lovers Market, Kleine Kuppe. Estelle Viljioen, Deputy Chief Executive of CAN said the Challenge started at 13:00 and was broadcast live on Radio Wave, while CAN Representatives handed out the National Cancer Manual to educate the public as well as create cancer awareness. “We thank KCC, Radio Wave and the Namibian public for their support and donations and encourage the public to become part of our projects and those of KCC,” she added. (l-r) Johann Liebenberg from KCC, Jacqueline Lohmann from Radio Wave, Benita Botes from the Quinton-Steel Botes Cancer Trust, Ibarto Botes, from the Quinton-Steel Botes Cancer Trust, Johan Fourie from KCC and Christof Du Plessis from KCC. (Photograph by Mandisa Rasmeni).