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Veterans of the South

The government through the Ministry of Veteran Affairs has committed itself to care for war veterans and the many destitute people who fought for liberation. The ministry, this week handed over fives houses to Veterans under its housing programme. The three bedroom houses valued N$500,000 per unit were handed over to Veterans in Gibeon and Maltahöhe. From the left, Councillor Jeremia Van Neel (Gibeon), with recipients Paulina Apollus, Sara Isaaks, Hanna Keister, Penina Links and the Rev. Jonas Taseb. Celibrating with them are village councillors Alwina Petersen and Yvonne Bock,chairperson of the Gibeon Village Council and Albertus Hangue- Senior Community Liaison Officer for the Hardap Region in the Ministry of Veteran Affairs. (Photograph by Lorato Khobetsi)

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