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Directors on the go, meet BAYOCLE

Mbayoroka Tjizepa (left) and Clence Kavetuna are the directors of BAYOCLE, a company name which is a combination of the two partners’ first names.

Mbayoroka Tjizepa (left) and Clence Kavetuna are the directors of BAYOCLE, a company name which is a combination of the two partners’ first names.

Clence Kavetuna and Mbayoroka Tjizepa are the driving force behind BAYOCLE Investments CC.
The business which was officially registered in 2006 offers a wide range of products and services in small towns and villages, across the nation.“Initially we wanted to create a one-stop shop to serve all the daily needs of those who could not afford to always travel to towns” the duo chirped when the Economist approached them to hear about their success story.
“Our fathers were business people, growing up we helped here and there, but we didn’t take over from them. Their businesses closed before we even thought of opening ours. As children we would sell sweets in school and so on. All of these pushed us to create our own business, a business that will last long and prosper for generations to come” Mbayoroka stated.
With BAYOCLE they started as a chain of small retailers, opening small tuck-shops in various locations. From there they diversified, buying a house in Freedom Square which was renovated into flats and also operates as a business offering a range of services.
They own a big shop and bar about 40km out of Okakarara in a village called Okangoho. Their shop is one of the main supply sources for the town, competing with giant retailers like Shoprite. Today, they operate a number of similar retail outlets in small towns and villages, serving as the main supplier in the daily needs of thousands of rural residents.

“We were both in financial institutions for many years, until the business demanded our full attention. Since January we became full-time directors, using our various experiences to welcome and overcome challenges every day” Kavetuna stated
BAYOCLE has also ventured into import and export, farming, manufacturing, construction, event planning, cleaning services, management services and they supply cleaning and car wash products on a wholesale basis. “The challenges usually arise when we employ someone who does not seem to understand our goal and does not turn out to be as reliable as we want. For us to be fully effective we need people who understand and work according to our vision and speed” Mbayoroka emphasised.
BAYOCLE also serves as a supplying agent between clients and overseas producers. “Sometimes it is difficult to find specific products that you need or you don’t know where to get them. We help in such cases and help the clients get what they want by approaching different local or oversea companies that can meet those needs” Mbayoroka said.
Earlier this year BOYACLE launched an annual red carpet Valentine’s Day event which was the first of its kind in Katutura. The event was organised under the theme “Yes, to communication in relationships and No, to violence in relationships” and was even attended by several parliamentarians.
“At our head office here is Soweto, we offer consulting services, we help people write proposals, [we help] with business plans and offer help on where to get loans.  We unfortunately can not offer any financial assistance but we will direct you to the right doors” they said. “In the near future we plan to add more services and products to our already wide range, also venturing into opening our own petrol station. We believe in ourselves and would like to encourage every one out there that if we can do it, then its possible for them too” Kavetuna concluded.

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