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City buses ready to move

City buses ready to move


The Modern Urban City buses are expected to be operational on the New Lines as of 1 February. The buses were bought as part of the implementation of the Sustainable Urban Transport Master Plan, which are equipped with new features.
The new bus lines are Line1 to and from Siyanda and Rocky Crest, Line 2 to and from Goreangab and Wernhill, Line 3 to and from Otjomuise West and UNAM, Line 4 to and from Havana and Avis, Line 5 to and from Siyanda and Kleine Kuppe, Line 6 to and from Okuryangava and UNAM and Line 11 to and from Okuryangava and Prosperita.
The City confirmed that future developments will include the introduction of Line 8 and 12, more drivers for frequent service delivery, cash payments in buses are anticipated to be phased out towards 1 March 2016 and smart cards will be introduced.
“The smart cards can be purchased at, The City’s Head Office, Katutura Customer Care, Khomasdal Customer Care and Wanaheda Customer Care,” said CoW.
The timetables and the different line information can be downloaded from the following website: The City also wants residents to note that the timetables will be updated regularly as the bus stops are still in a development stage.

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