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Youth leaders to converge in SA for Breaking Down Borders Africa Youth Summit

Youth leaders to converge in SA for Breaking Down Borders Africa Youth Summit

A pan-African annual conference for youth leaders from across the continent, the Breaking Down Borders Africa Youth Summit, will take place from 22 to 24 May in South Africa.

The Summit, will be hosted under the theme ‘Reclaim Africa’ – which organisers describe as a call to action for young people to work towards an Africa they desire to be a part of.

The three day gathering encourages youth participation in governance, social change and the economy through topics that impart knowledge, engage thought and inspire action.

Delegates of the Summit range from young leaders from diverse backgrounds such as media, politics, academia and business – with the aim of driving inter-country relations and collaborations.

“Since its inception two years ago the Breaking Down Borders Africa Youth summit has hosted over 200 young leaders representing 18 African countries. This has created a web of collaborations and partnerships across various sectors, movements and communities. As a platform the summit presents an opportunity for young people to connect, learn and create in concert around pertinent areas of leadership, development and how we can right the future of the kind of Africa we want to exist in,” said Programme Manager, Paul Modjadji.

The organisers announced in March that this year’s Summit would be the last one to be hosted in South Africa. This would mean that the next Summit, to be hosted in 2021, would be hosted in another African country.

The Summit, which not only brings young people together, also celebrates Africa day and month – by engaging in conversations which are led by and serve young people.

The Breaking Down Borders Africa Initiative is a multi-platform initiative that includes education, empowerment drives as well as the conference.

Founded by The Leaders Who Dare To Dream Foundation and led by a collective of youth social entrepreneurs, the initiative undertakes efforts to connect African youth through dialogue and conferencing, workshops and arts programmes.

Through various partnerships with global NGO’s, government and the private sector, the Conference has driven robust conversation, given a platform for youth thought leadership and the building of networks among African youth in social and commercial entrepreneurship.


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