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Business branch in Rundu

Business branch in Rundu

FNB Namibia opened their new Rundu Business Branch in the newly built Rundu Mall in December last year with a staff compliment of eight. The Rundu Business Branch is a sub branch of the main Rundu branch and offers full banking services including a Tellers coordinator, Bulk Teller, Premium Teller, Home Loan Consultant, Legal Compliance Officer, a Service Consultant, a Lifestyle Banking Consultant and a Business and Premium Manager.
“It has been a hive of activity ever since its opening a mere 6 weeks ago” said FNB in a statement this week.
Steve Coetzee, Head of Retail banking said “This new Business Branch will support the growing business segment as well as the Premium segment of Private Clients and Platinum Clients. Rundu is currently classified as the 2nd fastest growing town in Namibia (after Windhoek) and thus the new branch will support the businesses that drive this growth in support of alleviating some of the pressure on the current branch. The migration of the Business & Wealth customers to the new branch will be seamless and customers will be notified via SMS and a postal letter.”
Coetzee added that there have been numerous requests by the public for more branches in Rundu and FNB Namibia heeded the call by its customers. “The current branch will remain a Consumer branch, servicing the general consumer up to Gold Lifestyle Account status. We continue to encourage our customers to make use of the many electronic products and services – so-called self-help channels – that the bank has innovated over the years from internet banking to cellphone banking and eWallet. Furthermore we provide inContact for balance enquiries and mini statements; ATMs & Online Banking & App & Cellphone Banking & .mobi sites for account payments, transfers and much more. This will ensure that our cost effective electronic channels will provide our customers with the banking experience they require.”
“Our staff will guide customers regarding their needs and the segment they fall into to ensure that both branches are utilized by the correct customers for the correct service required.”

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