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NBC to broadcast KORA awards live

NBC to broadcast KORA awards live

Stanley Similo, Director General, Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) and Ernest Coovi Adjovi, President of the All Africa Music Awards entered into a mutual agreement earlier this week at the NBC head office in Windhoek.
The two promotors of the arts agreed that the NBC will be host broadcaster and television signal distributor for the KORA All Music Awards to be televised live on 20 March 2016.
Similo said the biggest gain linked to the agreement is bringing the awards closer to the Namibian people. “How will we get our own people to learn and do what others around the world do when it comes to productions of this nature?” he asked rhetorically. He explained that this will be achieved by mirroring and shadowing those with the experience of international productions.
Adjovi reaffirmed that NBC holds the rights to broadcast the event live and will be able to use the material. “The NBC can package, use the material and keep on benefiting long after the show,” he added. The agreement makes provision that NBC employees will be allowed to shadow crew members from abroad on the KORA Awards production and by doing so gain experience through a hands-on learning process.
The KORA Awards will be broadcast live on NBC with rebroadcasts of up to ten repeats over a period of six months.
The NBC will also avail its music studios 6 and 7 to the KORA team and artists for the recording of the 2016 KORA theme song with the inclusion of Namibian artists. The agreement further states that packaged material may be distributed to One Africa TV for delayed broadcast at the discretion of the NBC.
Tonata Shiimi, National Director, concluded by stating that Namibians should take ownership of this event and welcome brothers and sisters from all over Africa along with the arts and culture that accompany this event.

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