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Outapi four-day beauty bonanza starts 22 December

Outapi four-day beauty bonanza starts 22 December

The Miss Outapi Beauty Pageant is back with a four-day beauty bonanza which promises to celebrate the beauty and essence of the African women in true Outapi style.
Sackey Aipinge, who founded the pageant in 2011 said the principal motivation is to nurture youth development and skills in the Omusati region and beyond. “While the pageant celebrates the cultures within the Omusatio Region it has also served as a springboard to promote socioeconomic inclusion and development in the area,” he emphasised.
“We work every day to empower young women to be confident and to be their personal best while raising awareness of social problems that threaten to derail the development of Outapi, as well as raining money for philonthropic endeavours and to promote youth entrepreneurship in the region,” said Aipinge.
He further explained that this year’s Miss Outapi contestants have chosen to use their time and ability to contribute to the 2nd phase of the Tukwathela Mothers Project. It is their intention to raise enough money to contruct a maternity ward and a mothers’ home where young girls who travel to Outapi for birth can stay. Many women now have to travel in excess of 100 km every time they need to visit the Outapi District Hospital. Many of them have to camp in tents, often for a week or longer, before admission to the labour ward.
“The pregnant women who travel from their homes as far as the Kunene Region to camp next to the hospital have been seen to live in abject squalor, exposed to the elements,” he added.
The Miss Outapi Beauty Pageant has become one of the fastest growing social gatherings on the events calendar in northern Namibia. For this year’s pageant, the organisers promise a fun fair running from 22 to 25 December 2015, with a host of activities.

For more information the organiser Queen Avula can be contacted on 0811279668 or 081263093

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