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PTA Tennis Series season concluded

PTA Tennis Series season concluded

This year’s edition of Pro Tennis Academy’s (PTA) Tennis Series ended on a high note last weekend as 23 players of all ages went head to head to battle it out one last time.
The PTA Tennis Series, comprising of a total of seven tournaments throughout the year, is the only series of tournaments in Namibia where the participants play according to your skill level and not their age category.
With most playing divisions already decided before the season finale in Windhoek, a special focus was put on the beginner’s and midi category where Delicia Dirkse and Faith Kahuure as well as Eila Kambonde and Jamilla Hugamo were still in contention to clinch the overall win respectively.
Eventually Dirkse, who went into the event as log-leader with the beginners, secured the overall victory. The second place gave Dirkse the much needed 800 points to keep Kahuure, who ended the event in fifth place, at distance in the ranking.
A similar tight race in the midi division entertained the crowd. Eila Kambonde and Jamilla Hugamo had thrilling two-horse race but unfortunately both failed to win the tournament, as Van der Merwe Tromp was just in a class of his own.
Meanwhile Arnaud Marais (mini), Mike Kambonde (intermediate) and Cleet Farmer (advanced) underlined their class in their respective divisions by clinching wins. All three aces were certain of overall victory before going into the last event and they stepped up once again.

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