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UNAM co- hosts Africa-China development model seminar

A delegation of scholars from African countries and China convened at a seminar under the theme; ‘The path to success: China-Africa development models’, to discuss, study and analyse the the development models of China and Africa, earlier this week.

The seminar was co-hosted by the University of Namibia (UNAM) and Chinese Embassy in Namibia, and was attended by revert scholars from South Africa, Zimbabwe and other members of the Diplomatic corp.
The seminar had notable presentations that covered topics that ranged from; Sino-Namibia relations, perspective on bilateral relations, treading on the communication-path as well as exploring the benefits, risks and uncertainties that befell Namibia by being a trade partner with China within China-Africa relations.
Speaking at the event, Ambassador Xin Shunkang said, “ Since independence, Namibia has been looking for the development path that suits their own conditions and has made great achievements in all the fields including politics, economy, health and Culture.”
Xin believes that Namibia has made strides especially in the recent years, as it maintains political stability, the economy is thriving and uplifts people’s well-being.“This makes Namibia a successful model of good governance in the region,” he added.
Xin said China and Namibia share similar goals of developments as their practical cooperation is taking comprehensive and deep progress.
Commenting on the upcoming 6th ministerial meeting of Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) that is to be held in December in South Africa, Xin said that the seminar came at an opportune time as the participants at the seminar could study and exchange information on development models of China and Africa, and look back at the process of China-Africa cooperation, so as to make plans for the future and give their thoughts and advice on the upcoming FOCAC Summit.
The seminar was held with expected outcomes of profound suggestions and views on the correct path to success as well as identifying gaps in the existing relationships, that can be improved to better cooperation, trade and development.

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