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More fuel benefits, same cost

The Managing Director of Vivo Energy Namibia, Johan Grobbelaar looks on as the deputy Minister of Mines and Energy Hon. Kornelia Shilunga officially launches Shell Diesel Extra 50 in Namibia.

Drivers of light and heavy duty vehicles will now receive more benefits from fuelling up at Shell with the newly launched Shell Diesel Extra 50.

Vivo Energy Namibia, the company that markets and distributes Shell products, this week launched Shell Diesel Extra 50.
This new fuel is designed for extra protection at no extra cost, and protects customers’ investment, by reducing the maintenance cost from a well maintained engine, as it contains an anti-corrosion agent that protects the fuel system from corrosion and rust; allows faster and cleaner refuelling as it does not foam; and contains a strong detergent to keep engines clean.
Speaking at the launch, the new fuel Managing Director of Vivo Energy Namibia, Johan Grobbelaar, said: “The best part about this product is that while it offers so much more benefits than other diesel fuels, it comes at ‘no extra cost’. Fuel is a major cost across all household and business budgets in Namibia so we have made sure that our customers will not pay a cent extra for this premium product. They will pay the same competitive price at the Shell fuel pump as they have been for regular diesel fuel.” Deputy Minister of Mines and Energy Honourable Kornelia Shilunga who officially launched Shell Diesel Extra 50 said: “I am happy to note that with the launch of this product, consumers will get more benefits from filling with Shell Diesel Extra 50, at the same price.
“Shell Diesel Extra 50 is a regular priced fuel designed to maintain engine performance and protect the engine and fuel systems, therefore helping drivers to reduce their usage and maintenance costs.”
Vivo Energy Namibia, the company that distributes and markets Shell-branded fuels and lubricants, was established in 2012. The Shell brand has been in Namibia since 1975.
Vivo Energy Namibia has a fuel storage capacity of 6,458 m³ and 47 service stations, with many offering Shell Cards and convenience retail stores.

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