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OYO chases spirits with dance

Ania, the Lost Spirit

Ania, ‘The Lost Spirit’, will premiere at the Goethe Centre on 13 August 2015 at 19:00. The piece is choreographed by Philippe Talavera and is a collaboration between the OYO dance troupe and guests from the United Kingdom, Canada and Sweden.

OYO is embarking on a campaign to address gender violence in schools and Ania, the Lost Spirit is one of their tools. The piece is about the spirit Ania, the spirit of sorrow and loss, who seems to have been lost, or is she? Is she maybe the one haunting teenage girls who fall pregnant and have to take responsibility for it all. These girls are left alone to face their families and communities. At times they get so afraid, they seek recourse to drastic measures such as abortion or baby dumping.
OYO is also embarking on a mission to educate young girls, because statistics show that educating young women is of tremendous importance, the troupe said. Children born to educated mothers have a higher chance of enrolling and completing school while children of less educated mothers are unlikely to get through formal education meaning that they have fewer opportunities to better their lives. Thus, the concern about improving the educational rights of girls who become pregnant is based in part on the knowledge that this will affect the fate of their children and future generations.
The dancers who will be joining OYO for Ania, the Lost Spirit are Charlotte Cooper, Hannah Gibbs and Alys Williams from the United Kingdom, Christahh Ahh from Canada and Annasara Yderstedt from Sweden.


Entry is free but there are only 120 seats available. Therefore interested people are advised to call Karolina at 061- 254915 to book their seats to avoid disappointment at the door.

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