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StArt Art Gallery to showcase “Being Here”

StArt Art Gallery to showcase “Being Here”

The StArt Art Gallery will showcase a group exhibition titled, “Being Here” on 9 November at 18:00 at their gallery at the Wolfshack which will be on display until 1 December.

The exhibition will include sculptures, paintings, textiles, performance and mixed media and brings together six different artists’ voices expressed through a divers range of media and methodology. Being Here is made up of artworks which explore in their own way the complexities of creating and reflection on identity.

It will showcase the works of Fillipus Sheehama, Barbara Bohlke, Nashilongweshipwe Mushaandja, Lynette Diergaardt, Ismael Shivute and Elisia Nghidishange. The artwork on this exhibition titled ‘SIES/CIS Doly Potgieter and Other National Trashisms’ is an interdisciplinary experiment reflecting on violent cultures and the cleansing thereof.

The summary of the artist who are going to be involved in the exhibition is as follows:

Fillipus Sheehama is a mixed media artist and has participated in many group exhibitions locally and intentional and has also had several solo exhibitions in Namibia. His artworks are often constructed using recycled and found materials and use these to explore issues relating to social and economic inequalities.

Barbara Bohlke is well know for her large-scale painterly works while she is often inspired by the expansive landscapes and skies of Namibia. For this exhibition she has work with ash, charcoal, white acrylic as well as otjize pigment and yellow ochres which are found in Kaoko.

Nashilongweshipwe Mushaandja is a performer and writer and continues to produce his musical and performance based works. His practice and researches interested in movement formation.

Lynette Diergaardt’s dedication to the technologies of textile production has led her to begin a highly collaborative project which sees the artist examining Namibian identity through the lens of multiple subjects. The resultant abstract prints on this exhibition form just the beginning of a project that will grow and expand with time.

Ismael Shivute’s mixed media artworks are inspired by his environment, often working with found or recycled material drawn from the area in which he lives.

Elisia Nghidishange is a printmaker, sculptor and mixed media artist and her work explores relationships between the pursuit of wealth and the place of tradition in a contemporary and cosmopolitan society, and between gender and tradition in this context.


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