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Namibia to stay sovereign

It is time for Namibia to become a nation where unity, prosperity and peace thrive, according to Johannes !Gawaxab,  managing director of Old Mutual Africa’s Operations.
Speaking at a gala dinner hosted in Mariental on 20 March, !Gawaxab said central to Namibia’s progress, is a fully engaged and productive younger generation.
“Even in these challenging times, young people offer our greatest hope for the future,” he said.
Alluding to the Founding President, Dr Sam Nujoma’s promise that Namibia will be free, sovereign and independent forever in his inaugural speech in 1990, !Gawaxab said that the country is now 22 years into Dr Nujoma’s “forever” commitment but “we know now that within this long-term view, it is our daily struggles, our daily efforts and our daily recommitments to change and improve, that keep us on the right track to that ‘forever’ destination.”
“As a nation, we have subsequently defined this destination when we crafted our national vision and developments, like the NDP4, currently being finalised. Dr Nujoma’s speech that day reminded us that our achievement of Independence imposed upon us all a heavy responsibility, not only to defend our hard-won liberty, but also to set ourselves higher standards of economic transformation, equality, justice and opportunity for all. And that these are the standards from which all who seek to emulate us, shall draw inspiration,” !Gawaxab said.

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