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Kawana refutes secrecy rumors around the boundary treaty between Namibia and Botswana

Kawana refutes secrecy rumors around the boundary treaty between Namibia and Botswana

The Minister of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security, Dr Albert Kawana dismissed rumors that there is secrecy around the boundary treaty between Namibia and Botswana that was signed in 2018.

Kawana confirmed that consultations were done and explained that the Cuando-Linyanti-Chobe river boundary between Namibia and Botswana has been difficult to determine with exactitude since 1912.

He further stated that in 1999-2000 a joint commission of experts from Namibia and Botswana undertook surveys to demarcate the said borders for which the reports where handed over to the two countries’ then Heads of States in 2002 at Ngoma.

“The Masubia, Mafwe and Mayeyi traditional authorities that were in existence at the time were consulted and their leadership flown around the beaconed area during the demarcation process,” he said.

Kawana added that the report of the joint commission that he had co-chaired in 2000-2002 produced seven reports and its work was above board since it constituted experts of repute.

“However, the reports recommend that the navigation and ploughing activities of the two countries’ citizens should not be impeded across the borders and therefore Namibians should not live in fear,” he explained.

Kawana further saidthat the 2018 border treaty merely recognized the survey work that was done over the years by consolidating the seven reports into one report.

“No border was changed as being alleged and that the activities around that treaty were constitutional and unanimously agreed by the National Assembly,” he concluded.


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