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Get Hard – Film Review

If you have ever wondered if it is possible to get lessons on how to survive being locked up in jail, then you won’t have to ever wonder again after watching ‘Get Hard’. The film follows millionaire James King (Will Ferrell) who is sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for fraud at San Quetin jail. King enlists the help of a struggling carwash owner Darnell, (Kevin Hart) on how to best survive jail time and still be normal enough to get back into society.

Get Hard brings together two of the biggest heavy weights when it comes to American comedy in Ferrell and Hart so it is no surprise that the film will literally leave you breathless from all the laughing. Both actors give stellar performances with a cocktail of ridiculously hilarious punch lines and antics. Both actors are at their funniest giving the viewer a wealth of comedy in just 100 minutes. I have watched Kevin Hart finding the funny side of fame through comedy in his days as a stand up comedian and fast becoming one of Hollywood’s kings of comedy. He is freakishly funny as Darnell, though his character tends to be a bit more on the serious part as he plays a family man. One of my favourite scenes in the film is when he is teaching King how to avoid becoming a target of rival ethnic groups in a jail yard. He transforms faster than the speed of a bullet from being a Mexican inmate, to being a gay black inmate, to being a ‘ruthless big-black guy’.
The only reason I am giving this film three stars is because the ending a tad predictable. The language can also be a little overbearing especially to those that are very sensitive to adult humour. Prior to watching the film, I had many reservations and thought it would not be as funny as it ought to be, but I was surprisingly laughing so hard that my head even became sore.
Get Hard’s lessons on how to survive jail may probably not be the best. I mean there are the stereotyping, racist jokes, sex jokes and the pervasive drug use which are not exactly favourites for some movie lovers, but then again this film totally fits the bill of being satire. The reactions from both actors are funny in almost each and every scene. Though Hart seemed a bit weak when he had to be a serious businessman and father, it is definitely something new for the actor as he had to balance between being funny, compassionate and responsible. It is always hard for someone to shift from one role to the other and I must say Hart struggled a little bit in some of the scenes.
I can not guarantee that Get Hard will get everyone to chuckle, but I can guarantee that you won’t have to rack your brains in trying to understand what the film is all about, because the plot is simple and straight forward. Ferrell’s character is really not different from the other characters he has played in other films, which really is not surprising because being hysterical, making stupid faces and crying loudly is what he does on a daily basis. It is really refreshing to see that bromance that developed between the two actors, making them even funnier because the great chemistry between them not only boosted their separate roles but also those of the cameo actors, rapper Clifford ‘TI’ Harris and Craig T. Nelson.
The overall verdict for Get Hard is go watch it, go watch it if you are into adult humour, but do not watch it if you are easily offended because you will just leave the cinema disappointed. I have not really been a fan of any of the actors but after watching Get Hard I think it is safe to say that both actors are slowly but surely growing on me. Get Hard’s ending maybe be very predictable but it does deliver the goods and is rather enjoyable overall.

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