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Ees releases anticipated new single

Ees releases anticipated new single

Local German, kwaito and rap artist, Ees officially released his long awaited single “Original”, which he said is a powerful mix of today’s house charts genre, mixed with a commercial pop sound and African influence.

The single was first launched in two continents, Africa and Europe, at the same time with the support of major Music TV channels and media Houses.

Ess said he has surely mastered his blending of the Africa and European continents very well over the past few years.

“Therefore I make sure that my vocal ”NAM FLAVA” style singing is still present in all of my new and up to date sounds I lace my voice on,” he added.

Ees is the stage name of Eric Sell born in Windhoek and currently lives in Germany and Namibia. His music is a mixture of Afrikaans and English and he also frequently makes use of Namlish and Namibian German, the German dialect spoken in Namibia and he popularized the term Nam-Slang for it.


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