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NBC opens two new TV studios

Ms Umbi Karuaihe-Upi, Head: Corporate Affairs, NBC with Christian Polloni, Producer of Studio 6 and 7, at the launch of the two new studios last week, at NBC Radio Studios.

Adding colour and flavour to NBC’s TV bouquet are two new studios, one dedicated to a new programme and the other for hosting shows and doing pre-recordings.

The two studios, however, are not located at the NBC campus in Windhoek’s Northern Industrial Area but at the NBC Radio complex in Pettenkoffer Street in Windhoek North.
The Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) launched studio 6 and 7, with the incorporation of the newly launched television programme, ‘Sessions Studio 6’.
Sessions Studio 6 offers viewers the opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at what happens in studio while live bands showcase their musical talents to the country. The launch brought together musicians from across the local music industry as well as advertising agencies and potential sponsors for the programme.
Studio 6 is a state of the art studio equipped with music instruments and the best in recording equipment and Studio 7 is designed to pre-record shows and host programmes.
The Sessions Studio 6 programme, which is produced by Christian Polloni is an opportunity for artists to produce excellent quality music without having to rely on neighbouring countries for equipment and studio support.
The NBC said it believes that together with their stakeholders, musicians, sponsors, clients and advertising agencies, an exceptional show can be created that benefits the Namibian nation at large, and provides maximum exposure in a quality show delivering TV programme to reach target markets.

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