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Stars need outside the box sponsors

Azeal Cheez Matsoarelle

Azeal Cheez Matsoarelle

Azeal Cheeze Matsoarelle is a radio presenter, promoter and events organiser who believes that Namibia is able to accommodate international artist like Rick Ross or Nicki Minaj but trying to sell the idea to local investors and possible sponsors is difficult because the people who sign the cheques would rather sign one for Theuns Jordaan since it is safer to do so.
Cheeze said the biggest hurdles he faces as an organiser are sponsorships and to break the colour/race barrier because certain companies and venues clique together for their own events.
He claimed that some companies or organisations with massive entertainment budgets only appoint their friends for exclusive once-off events. “I am sure if their parent companies in Europe, Asia or South Africa knew this was the case, heads would be rolling.” said Cheeze.
“But the best part of my job is when people still talk about the event I organised a week afterwards, and so far so good, because in the last seven years I can only count two events that I would say were not up to scratch but these are learning curves one has to take in to consideration,” he said.
Cheeze pointed out that sometimes artist do not pitch up for events because they miss their flights which usually happens when artists change manager or labels.
He said that it has also happened that one member in a group is afraid to fly and then the group leaves him behind.

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