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Short films building grassroots screen culture

The Namibian Film Commission’s most recent contributions to the industry was supposed to be celebrated in style but they never reckoned with the exuberance of Namibia’s communications and reporting community.

Earlier this week the Film Commission shared their achievements of the past financial year, highlighting their mandate to build future audiences and market its annual projects by screening two short films, Tjitji: The Himba Girl, and Coming Home. These supporters, however, celebrated in their own style. From the left are Jacky Mafwila, Chief Public Relations Officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jeaneth Haipare, a Senior Producer for NBC TV Current Affairs, Victoria Muranda, Group Manager: Communications at First National Bank, Irene !Hoaes, Project Coordinator at NamPower, and Florence Haifene, Executive Secretary of the Namibian Film Commission. (Photograph by Mandisa Rasmeni)

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