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A strong woman who never gives up

Monica Lopes, a businesswomen who wants to make a difference.

Monica Lopes, a divorced mother with a 15-year old daughter, has discovered that she is an amazing women and she has build her business all by herself with little or no help at all.

Ms :Lopes holds a Bachelor Degree in Science of Education, English-Portuguese Languages and she has been working as a Sworn Translator (English and Portuguese) for 10 years with extensive experience in official translation of documents required by authorities and the public in general, specialising in legal, marketing and business documents. She said she is a very introspective person who loves to analyse everything and everyone. “I am a people’s person and it is very difficult for people to understand me. That is why it takes a lot to know me in depth” she said. She is also an entrepreneur with a small business that demands a lot out of her time and energy as any business does. She had no business mentoring or training and had to learn by trial and error where the pitfalls in business are. Gradually, she has built her business all by herself, constantly being mindful not to neglect her responsibilities towards her daughter. In this process, she was often beset by uncertainty and doubt. “The fact that with all my fears and doubts and challenges, I still chose to go ahead and make my vision a reality, is my day to day achievement,” she emphasised. She is currently working on product awareness which has been paying off, and she said people are finally realizing the practicality of the product offered to them. She added that creative people, with brilliant minds, go-getter’s, innovators and her daughter, inspire her. The thought that she is in this world to make a difference, keeps her motivated. Her proudest moment was the day she was able to pay off her bills and improve her lifestyle with the money she makes form her business. Her inspiring words for businesswomen is for them to use their intelligence, capital and experience and to turn it into something outstanding. “We truly have what it takes to achieve and be someone of substance, ” she added stating that “no matter your circumstances, you should strive to excel beyond your limits.” She does it every day and she gets out of her comfort zone everyday to get what she wants.
Ms Lopes owns a business named Soakuddly Beach and Swimming Hoodies which specializes in manufacturing and selling of towels and gowns made out of 100% velour toweling material. The target customers are parents with children, especially busy moms. The home-based business was officially registered in 2012 and is run from her back flat as a studio. She has faced many of challenges but her product is made with passion and she makes sure the finished product will captivate her customers.

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