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Cow poo proof

The second year veterinary science students at the University of Namibia last week accompanied their lecturer, Dr Baby Kaurivi, (seated middle front) to the Vet Med shop in Auas Valley Shopping Mall where they met Ulandi Philander and Chrislemien Groenewald of Agra’s marketing division. On the right is the veterinary medicine shop’s manager, Luandré Benadé. The veterinary students each received an overall, an indispensable trade mark of a busy vet.

The well-known animal medicine shop, Auas Vet Med, donated overalls to the second year class of veterinary students at the University of Namibia. The class of 24 students visited Auas Vet Med’s store in the Auas Valley Shopping Mall where they and one of their lecturers, Dr Baby Kaurivi, each received a green overall. Worldwide, a green overall is the trademark of the veterinary surgeon.

Addressing the students, Luandré Benadé, manager of Auas Vet Med commended the students on their choice of career in a country where there is a big need for veterinarians. “You are our new generation of veterinarians and Auas Vet Med as supplier of product to veterinarians, looks forward to a long lasting relationship with you while you study and when you pursue your career” he said. He explained the role of Auas Vet Med, which started as and still is a main supplier of prescription drugs and instruments to veterinarians.  Student representative, Freddie Samuntu, thanked Agra for the generous sponsorship and confirmed that they look forward to a positive relationship with Agra and Auas Vet Med.

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