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Road safety regulators caution law breakers

The Namibian Police, National Road Safety Council, Motor Vehicle Accident Fund and Roads Authority said that the overloading of goods and passengers, speeding and irresponsible overtaking is increasingly becoming a major concern.
The road safety regulators cautioned all road users to adhere to road traffic rules and regulations as they strive to reduce the loss of lives on the roads.
The regulators said that taking into account the resumption of schools and most companies this week, high volumes of traffic flow coupled with mass traveling commuters has been observed and is expected to increase.

It has been observed that an increasing number of drivers do not keep the prescribed speed limits and deliberately overload their vehicles. They stated that these habits increase the probability of a road crash and consequent injury and death.
The regulators said that one of their greater concerns is that children are not regarded when counting passengers, thus resulting in passenger overload, and inadvertently exposing these children to greater risks of injury and death in case of a road crash.
Passengers are therefore urged to take responsibility for their own safety by not boarding overloaded and unroadworthy vehicles.
The joint safety team emphasised that any form of vehicle overloaded compromised the control of drivers on their vehicles and extra strain will be placed on tires which could result in tire bursts with the ultimate result of roll over crashes.
They further said that non adherence to the rules of the road, non-compliance to road transport regulations and the lack of respect and courtesy towards other road users will not be tolerated and offenders will be followed accordingly.

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