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Cleaning bins is her business

Cleaning bins is her business

Senia Shikongo a mother, a wife and an entrepreneur, who started Longeni Electrical Contractors CC with her husband some years ago, said this week they have grown from two employees to a staff of twenty people.
She studied business administration and her husband, Isaac Shikongo is a qualified electrician. After they married, they decided to combine their skills to start their own company.
In May this year they also launched the first phase of their second business which is operated through a franchise company called VIP Bin Cleaning Namibia. “We specialize in the cleaning of domestic wheelie bins, as well as commercial and industrial waste containers in an environmentally friendly way. We are planning on launching the second phase of our business which is waste collection, disposal and hopefully recycling in the near future,” said Senia.
She explains that their bin cleaning services are open to everyone in Windhoek including household owners, businesses and government institutions. “When the City of Windhoek waste management division has collected your trash and emptied your bin, we will come to your premises with our own water which we recycle in order to clean as many as 200 bins with the same water. Then we sanitize your bin and leave it smelling fragrant for up to two week,” explained Senia.
Telling her business history to the Economist, she said the best part of running her own business is the fact that she works in her own space and at her own pace. This allows her time to be there for her family and it also gives her time for herself. “The rewards of hard work and extra time put into the business is always fulfilling” she said.
Even though she tries not to focus on challenges in the business, she does admit that running your own business can be a challenge. “Especially when you lack skills and direction, but once you equip yourself with the necessary skills and seek help which is readily available and accessible in Namibia then you will succeed in finding solutions to your challenges.” she said advising future business owners to be patient and consistent, which will pay off in the business.
She said that Namibian women are very strong beings and that they are hard-working and trendsetters in their own right. “I would say let us continue to hold hands, to stand for one another, to celebrate with one another and feel for one another,” she added.
She feels blessed to have met wonderful women in her life who have helped her in different ways to reach and achieve what she has achieved and hence her motto in life: “Because God’s grace is sufficient for me, I avail myself without hesitation to be there for another person who might need me, be it for encouragement or support.”
She concluded by thanking all their VIP Bin Cleaning Namibia customers for their valued business during 2015. “You kept us busy for the past 6 months during which we learned and grew tremendously and we wish you God’s abundance of Grace in 2016 and we look forward to be of service to you in the New Year,” she ended.

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