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A book for the youth and militant activists

Youth activist, Job Amupanda, launched his book Truth is Truth at the beginning of December, at the National Arts Gallery, in Windhoek, where more than 600 people attended. The book launched is dedicated to the youth and militant activists. 

Amupanda said to the Economist that the major motivation to write Truth is Truth is his quest for consciousness and revolutionary morality.
“I am captivated by a burning desire to orientate and re-orientate black people in general and the youth in general about the collective interests, knowledge of self and confidence of self,” stated Amupanda.
He continued and said that this is to be done by seriously providing information and inspiration and that is what Truth is Truth is all about. He revealed that the book is the ‘panga’, machete, spear and hammer of the youth and militant activists to fight against all forms of oppression. “It is meant for those ready to take on the system, and my biggest hope is to convert them into militant and radical activists who speak truth to power and wage new struggles towards social justice and economic freedom,” he said.
He told the Economist that the conceptual framework of the book was done in 2013 and that it took four months to write and plans on writing many more books. Up to a thousand copies have been  printed and have already been sold out.

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