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Technical skills grow as Kraatz gives guidance

Technical skills grow as Kraatz gives guidance

Kraatz Marine has taken another six students from the Namibia Institute of Mining and Technology (NIMT) under its wing. In light of the Group’s purpose of “Creating a future, enhancing life” Kraatz Marine annually takes in between 12 and 16 students, in aid of developing their knowledge and skills and preparing them for the real working environment.

According to Roberto January, Kraatz Marine Senior Human Capital Practitioner, the internship program which started in 2011 will enable students to do their job attachment to gain practical experience to prepare them for the job market. “Students get exposure in the Industrial & Mining Division, Workshop, and also in the Marine & Offshore Division where they get exposure in the ship repair industry. We took in 6 students with this year’s September intake while we retain an average of 12 to 16 students throughout the year as some students stay for 6 months and others 12 months, depending on their level”, said January.

Students from NIMT taken on board by Kraatz Marine generally specialize in Boiler making; Welding, and Fitting & Turning. January adds: “These students are mentored and coached by Master craftsmen that have worked in the engineering sector for many years and that possess a wealth of experience locally and internationally. It is of utmost importance and we are keen on developing young Namibians and afford them the opportunity to gain practical experience to better prepare them for the job market and at the same time contribute to our country’s development and vision 2030.”

Meanwhile, Kraatz Marine in September had its first intake of students from the Polytechnic of Namibia (PoN) Engineering School based on the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed with the institution in July this year. The MoU makes provision for attachment of students and academics to Kraatz Marine for capacity-building exercises, research, teaching and learning.

Two students, Jason Kavara and Mwahafa Ngodji studying towards their Mechanical Engineering Degrees have started working at Kraatz Marine. “Work Integrated Learning (WIL) forms part of their curriculum that allows them to gain practical experience in a formal work setting, and is a requirement to complete their studies,” January concluded.

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