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Sir, is it allowed to park the aerie here?

Four German tourists will have more to talk about than just their African safari when their charter plane went down for an emergency landing in Tsumeb earlier this week. The tourists narrowly escaped serious injury thanks to the quick thinking and professional reactions of a Scenic Air pilot, Mr Alec Geddes. On take-off from Tsumeb airport, the Cessna 210 aeroplane was caught by severe windshear, any pilot’s nightmare, which robbed it of 20 knots of airspeed. Mr Geddes immediately aborted the take-off and put the stalled aeroplane down on a small area between the runway and 19th avenue. No one was injured in the slightly damaged plane and alighted unscathed. The passengers were duly airlifted to Windhoek from where they continued their African experience on to Victoria Falls. (Photograph by John D’Alton)

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