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Fenetre, in French – window, forms part of an exciting art exhibition that starts at the FNCC in Windhoek on Monday 30 July. French-born Namibian artist, Aurelie Zannier Wahengo embarks on a new journey in her career as she experiments with naïve African painting and puzzle pieces in her exhibition titled “Life Sliding”. Inspired by Western naïve paintings Zannier’s paintings are almost cartoon-like representations of people, gathering places and daily activities. The exhibition is not in the usual format. Her paintings are puzzle pieces on canvas with the drawing line jumping from one canvas to the next. “These small pieces of life are having a conversation with each other. Listen to what they have to tell,” says Zannier. Her work is joyful and colourful. Her paintings stem from her ability to mix materials that are not likely to work together and her unique way of assembling colours in the abstract. Zannier is currently a lecturer of French at the University of Namibia.

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