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Building your brand with Q&A

General Manager of Q&A, Daleen Hugo-Small, who believes in being empowered through knowledge, even if its a newspaper.

General Manager of Q&A, Daleen Hugo-Small, who believes in being empowered through knowledge, even if its a newspaper.

Q&A Consulting is an agency that is focused on brand building and leadership by using comprehensive stakeholder research and the agency provides efficient and useful consulting to companies in the country.
General Manager of Q&A, Daleen Hugo-Small said, “During an internship as I was evaluated, my mentor noticed that I had a very strong sense for market research and brand building. As it turns out these two areas really complement one another.”
“In turn I also got to develop my own brand, Q&A Consulting; A brand that is accurate, precise, organized, analytical, in control but also fun, explorative, creative, trustworthy, exciting, adventurous, loyal and professional,” she added.
The agency located in the capital opened its doors on 1 January 2009. It is 100% Namibian-owned which deals in Market Research and Brand Development, “We specialize in delivering strategic solutions based on comprehensive stakeholder research,” Hugo-Small said. “We aid organizations to build and sustain their relationships with their internal and external stakeholders by equipping them with the necessary resources to improve their brand(s) or company’s potential,” she explained.
She said that their aim is to assist their clients in gaining a competitive advantage in their field of expertise through developing their internal and external brand to enhance their market share. “For any business to start successfully you need to have the right policies and procedures in place. For me, this is second to getting the idea of a business on paper and developing your brand. Because you need to have something in order to to sell something,” she emphasized.
“After six years of running Q&A, we have reached a place where we truly can say we aid clients in building their brands with the research methods that we use,” she said.

Within their company, Q&A wishes to enhance the community in which they are situated by employing Namibians on a project-by-project basis.
“Most of our interviewers are University students looking for means to supplement their studies and gain experience. We conduct training on a regular basis to ensure that our interviewers grow in their abilities,” she added, “however small impact I can make in their lives, I try to do this.  I would like to become involved in our tertiary educational system in the future,” she said.
Said Hugo-Small,“over the years, I have built successful relationships with wonderful professional people. I have gained an enormous amount of great knowledge from various industries and for this I am thankful. Knowledge empowers us to believe in ourselves and to push us to grow even more. We can only excel if we stay ‘students’ in life.”
“Surround yourself with knowledge even if it is just by reading the newspaper. Everything can be taken from you, but not your knowledge,” she added.

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